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Answer the Quiz for your chance to win a free set of Darts

10 Dart Questions – How well do you know your darts?

The winner will be selected at random and they can choose any set of Darts from our site, FOR FREE.

* You must provide your email address to see your score and enter the competition.

*Share the quiz on FaceBook and when you are sharing, State the exact dart and weight that you want to win. eg, Datadart Omega 24gms.

*The Winner will be chosen at random. The draw will take place at 10am on Monday 11th August 2017.

* You can choose to do the quiz multiple times but your email address will register only one entry into the draw.

*Entry into this competition is only available to people residing in Australia.

180's to you all.

9 thoughts on “Answer the Quiz for your chance to win a free set of Darts

  1. 9 from 10 not bad

  2. Black darts 22g

  3. Disgusting.. too much of a rush to enter, oh well.. congrats to who wins

    1. Dont worry Warren, the system records your email and score.

      The score is purely for fun and your email goes into the system and when the competition ends, the system selects an email at random as being declared the winner. The score is irrelevent. The competition is based upon chance and not skill, so entrants scoring 2 or 3 have as much chance as entrants scoring 10.

      I hope this clarifies it for you and good luck in the draw.

  4. We actually play darts and just went to the Auckland Masters in New Zealand. Fantastic to see live

    1. Hello to our NZ friends, i bet the Masters was simply awesome to see.

  5. John Lowe 26g

    1. Kevin, where did you see the John Lowe darts because we do not have any listed. Please advise and thank you for your entry.

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