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Berry Van Peer And Dartitis

Berry Van Peer

Berry Van Peer And Dartitis

Suffering from Dartitius must be truly disheartening. I can only imagine that playing against Gary Anderson in Group H of the 2017 Grand Slam of Darts, in front of a massive audience, well, it must be the worst possible time to suffer from a Dartitus attack.

Video footage of Berry can be viewed by clicking here.

Gary Anderson has displayed once again that he is one of the best sportsman around. He was extremely patient, he encouraged Berry during the match and he consoled him after it ended. It was lovely to see.

Watch the video by clicking the link above and you will see how Gary helped to assist this young player. It was awesome to see Berry battle on and try and do the best that he could, i can only shudder at how he was feeling at that time.


Have you suffered from Dartitis? Has it severly affected your game? Would you care to make a comment and share your experience with our readers, if so, it would be greatly appreciated.

Barry Van Peer and Dartitis
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Barry Van Peer and Dartitis
Berry Van Peer playing Gary Anderson in the 2017 Grand Slam Of Darts suffers a Dartitis attack.
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