About Us

We first commenced selling darts on Ebay in 2003. Shortly after doing so, we built a  website and traded for many years as “The Dart Shop.”  The web site has now undergone changes to reflect our appontment as the Datadart National Distributor for Australia & New Zealand.

After being in the industry for over 13 years, when we were offered the opportunity by the management of Datadart UK to become an official distributor for their brand, there was never a chance that we would not accept it.

Datadart has been one of the major names in Darts for over 42 years. As a family owned and run business located in the North East of England, darts is in their blood and to be invited into the Datadart Family is something very special.

jockey wilson
jockey wilson

The Management have enjoyed a lifelong friendship with Jocky Wilson, a true legend of the sport and they always felt both honoured and proud, to be a part of the Wee Man’s life. It was a sad day indeed when they lost Jocky, in 2012.

Although well known to competition Dart Players in Australia and New Zealand, very few players have had the privilege of holding, playing or owning a set of datadart darts. This is about to change!  We will soon be actively promoting the datadart darts products both online, in-store and through our “Mobile Club Nights” that we operate throughout Sydney.

We are also recruiting a few select shops that are keen on working with us, so that they will be able to buy from us at wholesale and they can offer the datadart darts brand to their customers, at extremely competitive prices. If you own a retail Darts Shop and you have an interest in working with us, please use the “Contact Us”  form, submit your details and we will be in touch within 24hrs.

180’s to you all.

Jocky Wilson Datadart